A nashty bitch.

lameriah: If you had to choose a boy 12/12 besides your fav who would it be? & I would like to be shipped with magcon please 💕💕

Gilinsky or Matt

Ship: Camerooon


bandsmakeusmosh: Hey girl hey! Firstly, you're gorgeous!! And secondly I heard you were shipping may I come aboard? My question is, what is your favorite thing about nash? And can I have a ship will all of them? Thank you darling!(:

Omg thank you and of course you can come aboard! I actually love the way you asked this girl so have a follow ;) 

My favorite thing about Nash (I should say things) is his nose, his eyes, his laugh, his smile, his sense of humor, his loving personality, everything about his personality, his style and last but certainly not least his family.

Magcon: Carter
5sos: Luke
O2L: Sam


Anonymous: Could you ship me with all? Im 5'4 with blonde hair and blue-ish grey eyes, I play volleyball and I can sing (I dont think I do but people always tell me I do) I love drawing and music and bands are life.

Bands are life!

Magcon: Jacob
5sos: Calum
O2L: Ricky


magcon--boys--prefrences: Can you please ship me? I am my icon 💆 I love to play softball, and I'm kinda shy for a while until I get to know you I guess. If you had to kick one person out of Magcon, who would you kick out?

This is going to seem really mean and I am going to probably get hate for it but Aaron because I just feel he isn’t as relevant and popular as the other guys.

Ship: Shawn


letsget-nashty: Could I please have a ship? I have a face page. Thank you sweetie!


Magcon ship: Matthew… sorry if he’s not your favortie but i think you two would be hella cute together.

5SOS ship: Luke Hemmings 

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theme: not my type I like it | pretty amazing | I’m stealing it 

icon: okay | nice | pretty |flawless omg

posts: not my type | not bad | nice job | love |perfection!!!

compliment: you’re so pretty, and tall! Im stuck at like 5’0.5 be happy with your 5’6 hahaha :) and i love how you have your blog set up with the little tab thingys at the top! 

following: no sorry | I am now | yes | you mean stalk…..

jackjackjohnsonnnnn: If you could hang out with all the boys for 1 day or Sammy for a weekend what would you choose? And if you don't mind is like to be shipped with all :) I'm 5 foot and I have curly blonde hair and blue eyes I dance act and I can rap/sing and I am really funny I guess and I am extremely sarcastic hahaha thanks:)

All of the boys for one day! 

Magcon: Johnson
5sos: Luke
O2L: Connor


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