A nashty bitch.

Tumblr tag. Tagged by learn-to-love101
1. Link;
2. 5 blogs I follow; withtaylorcaniff96
thedillonrupp nashgrierlel hayesbootay shawnhoodratmendes 3. 5 blogs that follow me; geekygrier lovelyxgrande
cuddleswithdallas mrs-cumberbitch aaron-carpenterr
4. Otp: obviously Tati and Taylor!😍
5. Fav pic of them; look up!
6. How many fandoms are you in?; 6 oopss🙈
7. Fav fandom; I love them all💁
8most used tags; magcon, nash grier, shawn mendes
9. 5 saved searches; cameron dallas, cater reynolds, Dylan o’brien, fall out boy, jack gilinsky.
10. (5) favorite blogs you would promote shamelessly 
withtaylorcaniff96 nashgrierlel
artismonkeys wakemeup-fromthisdream (which is me but whatever) pineapplegrier

I tag everyone watching!

I saw Shawn Preform with The Vamps today and cried…

I have seen 2/12 now!

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